Self Help Refresher for the New Year

TWTW December 19th through the 25th: Dude Where's My Phone?

Music Monday: Duke Dumont - Ocean Drive

Merry Christmas 2016

TWTW December 12th through the 18th: I FALL Go Boom

Music Monday: Alex Sonata feat. Katrine Stenbekk - See What I See

TWTW December 5th through the 11th: I Wash Dishes by Hand

Music Monday: Cafe Del Mar - dub in ya mind

TWTW November 28th through December 4th: I Visit the World Famous Omega General Store

Music Monday: Julien Dore - Le lac

Late Fall Photos of Allerton Park

TWTW November 21st through the 27th: Giving thanks and Weather

Music Monday: Sven Van Hees - Matrass Mambo

Some Post Election Words for a Few Groups

Thanksgiving 2016

TWTW November 14th through the 20th: Every Day is Friday

Music Monday: Eddy Chrome - In Love (Lounge Remix)

TWTW November 7th through the 13th: Well Nobody(almost nobody) Predicted That

Music Monday: Muzz - Bizarre Love Pentangle

TWTW Octoboer 31st through November 6th: YEAH FALL BACK TIME CHANGE

Music Monday: Polina - Fade To Love

I am a Fan of the World Series Champions!!!

4 Common Misconceptions About Voting Third Party in the USA

TWTW October 24th through the 30th It Wasn't Supposed to be Like This

Music Monday: Bruce Springsteen - Long Walk Home

How I Got My Finances in Order part 7 Should I Get A Consolidation Loan?

TWTW October 17th through the 23rd: CUBS ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!!

Music Monday: Skrux - Our Fragment (ft. Missio)

How I Got My Finances in Order Part 6: Tips And Tricks About The Budget

No TWTW.. all I got is a few pictures


TWTW October 3rd through the 9th: I Run. My Ankle Hurts. I Run Again

Music Monday: Space Cats - Magic Fly

TWTW September 26th through October 2nd I Go For Some Jogs

Music Monday: Navii - J'écoute du Miles Davis

The Great Heart Rate Monitor Saga

TWTW September 19th through the 25th: The Great Mosquito Assault