Shortest Day of the Year

I believe this is the first time I have every blogged twice in the same day. I have written multiple posts on the same day but never posted more than one. I would have just tacked this onto the music monday post, but I didn't think about it until later.

Today is the shortest day of the year. Sunrise was at 7:12 this morning and sunset at 4:31.  We got 9 hours 19 minutes of daylight. In six months will be the longest day of the month. Sunrise will be at 5:49 and sunset at 9:16.  They daylight will be 15 hours and 27 minutes. I got this information from a great site called gaisma.

The Earth is weird and things like this fascinate me.
  • DateSunriseSunsetLengthChangeDawnDuskLengthChange
    +1 day07:1216:319:1900:00 equal length06:4117:0210:2100:01 longer
    +1 week07:1416:359:2100:02 longer06:4417:0510:2100:01 longer
    +2 weeks07:1516:409:2500:06 longer06:4517:1110:2600:06 longer
    +1 month07:1116:579:4600:27 longer06:4217:2710:4500:25 longer
    +2 months06:4117:3310:5201:33 longer06:1418:0111:4701:27 longer
    +3 months06:5619:0612:1002:51 longer06:2819:3313:0502:45 longer
    +6 months05:2420:2615:0205:43 longer04:5120:5916:0805:48 longer