2014 Year in Review

Merry Christmas

Music Monday: Somna & Jennifer Rene - Because You're Here

Food Friday: Pumpkin Soup

The Tale of Three Jogs - Illinois Weather

NaNoWriMo: Finding Success in Failure

Music Monday: Lejo Harmeson & Essence - Complicated Man

My Favorite P. D. James novels

The Thanksgiving post

Music Monday: Hardwell Ft. Chris Jones - Young Again

Lovie Smith's Ten Biggest mistakes as Bears Head coach

NaNoWriMo and rediscovering your old work


Music Monday: DCUP - Someone Told Me (Space Jump Salute Remix)

Book Review: An Artificial Night - Seanan McGuire

Music monday: The Avener - Fade Out Lines

Importance of Process

Music Monday: Deadman's Gun - Ashtar Command

Book Review: The First American

I'm Back. Hide your sanity.

On Hiatus

New Theme

Cruising the Eastern Caribbean:St. Martin and the everglades

Music Monday: Masters Of War-Staple Singers

I break electronics but sometimes I am just dense

Cruising the Eastern Caribbean: Pics

Music Monday: Merge Of Equals - You Can Make Me Smile

Quick Jobu story + bonus pic

Cruising the Eastern Caribbean: the Celebrity Reflection

Blood tests and hypochondria

It's the big 41

Music Monday: Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful

Cruising the Eastern Caribbean: The Adventure of Getting There

Music Monday: Cat Power- The Greatest

Financial spring cleaning

80s Awareness with Kevin Bacon

Music Monday: EMO Relief For Free

Is that moaning I hear?

Is Valentines weekend a big trip weekend?

Pre-Trip Anxiety

So maybe it wasn't Seasonal Affective Disorder and other updates

Music Monday: Eyes - Rogue Wave

My January in Six Second Bites

Food Friday: Frittata with potatoes, ham, peppers, and feta cheese

It's So Cold...

Music Monday: Jimi King's Top 30 smooth Jazz songs of 2013

Stagnant in a world of wanderers

Music Monday: i:cube- Adore

My New Years Post

Food Friday: Slow Cooker Beef Stew

Special Report: WINTERMAGEDDON2014

A New Year and a new plan