Music Monday: BT - Satellite

TWTW July 30th through August 5th: Blessed Is The Man Beloved By Two Dogs, Chocolate Is Not Mayonnaise, And The Best Movie Ever Filmed

Music Monday: Buddy Guy - You Did The Crime

That Was The Year: 2017

TWTW July 23rd through the 29th: Suddenly Fall And A Fake Dog Is Sad In The Rain

Music Monday: Ludovico Einaudi - I Giorni

TWTW July 16th through the 22nd: I Think Jobu Died

Music Monday: Eli & Fur - Something Was Real

TWTW July 9th through the 15th: We Get Weather And Toads Jump

Music Monday: Nylon - Let It Go

TWTW July 2nd through the 8th: I Make Pesto And Jobu Wants Snuggles

Music Monday: Eleven33 - Clarity