TWTW November 5th through the 11th: The Return Of The Sick Teddy Bear

Music Monday: Hanna Mjoen - Sounds Good To Me

TWTW October 29th through November 4th: I Get A Fever And Dream Of Cubes

Music Monday: Bob Moses - Like It or Not

TWTW October 22nd through the 28th: I Win Trivia

Music Monday: Elbow - Mirrorball

TWTW October 15th through the 24th: I Get Pelted By Ice And A Dog Doesn't Care

Music Monday: The Ecstasy of Gold - Ennio Marricone

TWTW October 8th through the 14th: Welcome To Illinois MY 44325ThousanthBillianth Post On Illinois Weather

Music Monday: Jinadu, Me & My Monkey - Out of Control (Radio Edit)

TWTW October 1st through the 7th: I Fly A Spaceship

Music Monday: Suede - Life Is Golden

TWTW September 24th through the 30th: I Get A Cold And Sleep Though A Saturday