Tuesday, May 23, 2017

TWTW May 15th through the 21st: Just a Boring Week

I had thought this week would be interesting. In fact the title I had in my head for this one was "What a Difference a Week Makes." But nothing interesting happened. Interesting side note: I think the most common blog post title I see is  "What a difference a day makes." Just the other day I was looking around at blogs and found three different posts titled "What a difference a day makes."  The posts are mostly about the weather but occasionally they are about attitude.

Since nothing happened in my life I leave you with this touching video about an old cat

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

TWTW May 8th through the 14th: The Return of The Red Dot

Many years ago, I bought a laser pointer to play with the cat. At some point the batteries ran out and I bought new ones. A couple of years ago the batteries ran out again. Jobu was older and didn't seem so interested in chasing it so I didn't replace the batteries. This week I did get some batteries and decided to just see what would happen. I assumed Jobu would not be that interested in his advanced age. I shined the light on the ground near Jobu. He hadn't seen it in cat ages. He went berserk and started chasing that red dot with all he was worth. For a good two minutes he went all out chasing that dot. He stopped and I turned off the laser. Jobu was standing right next to me and that's when I started to hear it. rrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRR!!! He started purring louder and louder until he sounded like a motor boat going full steam.  He was so happy the red dot was back.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

TWTW May 1st through the 7th: ALARM ALARM!!!

 So like last week, we were predicted to have huge amounts of rain and possible flooding. Thursday morning I lay in bed listening to the sound of falling rain. Jobu snuggled by my side purring away like a motor boat. I would need to be getting up soon but we were enjoying a nice relaxing moment before the start of the day.  Jobu and I drifted right on the edge of asleep and awake. ALARM ALARM!!!!!!!!! AUUUGA AUUUUGA A loud piercing alarm sound shocked me awake and the whole room seemed to be shaking. Jobu jumped up in horror and sprinted out of the room. My fogged mind tried to clear.  It was the aliens.. no the russians. .no wait it was the alien invasion.. My time had finally come. I soon realized the bedlam was coming from my phone. It sat across the room letting off the horrible klaxon sound and vibrating like mad.  I stumbled out of bed and picked it up. Flash flood warning.  I don't care I am on the second floor. Why is this thing going nuts.  I checked the settings and somehow the alarm warnings had gotten turned back on.