Tuesday, August 08, 2017

TWTW July 31st through August 6th: The Tale of New Tech

A New Work Laptop

I think it was Thursday, maybe it was Wednesday when I was informed by one of our IT people that there was a recall on my work laptop. The battery could swell and explode. That seems like something that should be dealt with. So I got new work laptop. I liked the industrial design of the older one better. It was a dell and had a really nice build quality ( well except for the battery issue) and a good screen. The new is faster but bigger and it just feels cheaper. 

I Get  A New Point and Shoot Camera

I also recently got a cheap point and shoot camera. Yes, they do still exist. I took a few pictures to test it out.  The macro shots aren't too bad.

Comparison pic from my really old iphone

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

TWTW July 24th through the 30th: Jobu Gets a New Box

I brought Jobu a new box home from work. I thought it might not be the proper proportions. I didn't need to worry.

I also played a video on my computer of a cat meowing.  Jobu tried to find the new kitty friend.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

TWTW July 17th through the 23rd: The Return of the Real Rain Walk

The Return of the Real Rain Walk

Everybody who knows me, knows I love walking in the rain. Give me a mist up to a nice soaking rain and I'll do everything I can to be out in it. I also walk for exercise almost every day (Yes! I spelled exercise correctly the first time). During these walks, I almost always listen to podcasts.  Saturday morning a perfect walking rain rolled in. It switched between a shower and a nice soaking rain. I grabbed my rain coat, my phone, and my headphones.  With the rain coming down I didn't start up my podcasts. I remembered the old days when I would go for long walks with only the sounds of my own thoughts, well that and all the noises around me. I got soaked as I wandered around the neighborhood thinking about all sorts of important and unimportant stuff. I only saw one other person during the hour I was out. He must also be a rain walker since we both cheerfully said "Morning," when we passed.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

TWTW July 10th through the 16th: I Meet a Local Celebrity and Jobu Gets Sick

I Meet A Local Celebrity

I have a friend who runs a local bar. I call it a dive bar but it really isn't a bad place. One day I walked over there. On the way through the parking lot, a noticed a few expensive SUVs all with out of state dealer plates on them. I didn't think much of it. At a table inside sat a group of people all in Illini gear. They were sharing a local pizza. I made some crack about them having leftovers as I walked by. They gave me some weird looks. I sat there for about an hour not really paying attention to them. They were talking about U of I athletic stuff. The kept saying the name Josh.  I looked over and that was when I realized one of them was U of I Athletic Director Josh Whitman.

Jobu Gets Sick (Content Warning: Cat Poop)

Early Saturday morning I am awoken by the sound of a cat puking. This is not an unusual sound in my household, so I roll over and fall back asleep. Jobu visited me a couple of times during the night, but each time he would start purring, he would make these grumbly tummy sounds and wander off. About six in the morning I awoke again to the sound of puking. I was concerned at this point because he doesn't puke that much.  I wondered if everything was o..ZZZZZZzz I fell back asleep. When I did finally get up, he was lying in the middle of the floor not moving much. I checked his litter box and he had used it several times and the results were very fluid.  He spent most of the day lying in that spot in the middle of the floor and getting up every two hours to go squirt out something into his litter box At least he made it to the box every time. One of the times he got up I put a bed of his in the spot he was sleeping so he would be more comfortable. He seemed to be doing better and by Sunday he was back to his old running around being annoying self. Now I have a cat bed in the middle of my living room because he has decided that is where he wants to sleep from now on. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

TWTW July 3rd through the 9th: It's Hot and I Build Something

I had the day off and had things to get done. I went out to pay my rent and then tried to get my hair cut. On my way to pay my rent, I drove by my usual barber. Several people were waiting.  I decided to try back after doing my errands.  Since I was near another place I sometimes use, I drove by it and it had an even bigger wait. Finally, on my way home, I drove by the original place it had even more people.  No haircut for me that day.

I and some friends had agreed that in the afternoon we would help a friend move the new shed he's bought. We thought we'd get there, move the shed into the backyard, and be done. My friend had bought a big plastic shed and it was in a big box in parts. We moved all the parts into the backyard near where the old shed used to be. Job done. "You start reading the instructions. I'll get some tools and we can  start putting it together."  I guess we are building a shed today, I thought. It was 90 degrees F and it took us four hours. Four old men sweated and took many breaks. Once the roof was on,  it got really hot inside the shed. I then turned to one of the final pages of instructions. We were almost done. There was only one picture on that page. It showed the inside of the shed and the 56 screws that we had to put in. So 2 of us went inside of the burning furnace while the other two of us stood outside pulling down on the roof so things would line up properly.  I didn't take a picture of the final product but it did look nice.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

TWTW June 26th through July 2nd: Weather

Can't think of anything that happened but we had weather. So here is some pictures:

Double Rainbow All the Way

purty sky

Stormy Storm

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

TWTW June 19th through the 25th: Longest Day of the Year

Weekly Weather Update #1 The Temps

The week started off extremely hot, like in the 90s hot. The funny thing is, shortly after Summer officially started it got way cooler. The weekend has been almost near perfect weather, sunny with temps in the 70s.

Weekly Weather Update #2 Slight Chance of Rain means it Rains Every Day

For three days straight, starting on the Summer solstice, we had a small, about 20%, chance of rain each day.  Yep, it rained every single one of those days.  The rain did give us a nice rainbow or two:

But the rain and the clouds did interfere with one of my plans. On the solstice I wanted to head over and take a picture of the upwell statue showing the sun at it's highest most northerly point. By the time I got out there the sky was overcast and rain had just started.

Later that day, I tried to get a picture of the Sun settings but it was still cloudy. So this pic from a couple of days latter will have to suffice.

The Weekend

The weather over the weekend was almost perfect. I tried to spend as much time outside as I could. On Sunday I made homemade pizza

And Jobu spent the day outside being old.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

TWTW June 12th through the 18th: Overwatch Ranking is Borked

Jobu decided to use one of his mousies as a pillow. Yep, he is resting his head on it. You can see the little tail and a bit of the mousy.

Video game stuff you won't care about:

For the last year or so I have been playing a bunch of a game called Overwatch.  I'm not very good at it, which is kinda sad since I used to be really good at this kind of game. I guess that is part of the price you pay when you become a mature productive adult( get old and slow).  There are several different ways you can play the game. Competitive mode ranks you against other players. You can see where you fit in with other players. Only it seems to me to be broken. The mode has seasons like in a sports league. At the start of each season, you have to do ten placement matches that are intended to put you against the proper opponents. Each season the game has lowered my skill rating. I started out in the middle at gold and have slowly fallen off until I am in the horrible scrub league of low bronze. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

TWTW June 5th through the 11th: I WANT PETS MEOW!!

Early Wednesday morning, Jobu woke me up. The sky had just begun to lighten and the birds were chirping, so I guess it was about 5 am. There's nothing surprising about Jobu waking me up early in the morning. A few times a night he jumps on the bed  and needs attention. If he want treats or to be let out he whines a bit. I ignore him. If he just wants snuggles and pets he lays down next to me and purrs. This morning he woke me not by jumping on the bed or whining. I awoke to him in the other room meowing plaintively. I wondered if something was really wrong, so I got up and went to see him. He was laying on the floor so I started to pet him. He purred in response. I checked if maybe ants had gotten into his food or maybe he was out of water. Nothing seemed amiss. I went back to him and  petted him some more. After some more pets and purrs he got up and wandered off. I realized that was all he wanted. He made me get up and pet him in the dark.

Over the weekend I went to see my parents and check out a  friends new house. I had to take a new route to the new house. I checked it out before I left. I memorized the few basic turns I need to get there. It was all pretty straight forward. I checked out the street signs as I passed so I wouldn't miss my turn. I saw a name I recognized and realized the next stop light should be my turn. Nope. It was another 3 miles down the road. I almost missed the second turn because it didn't look right. I moved some boxes and put together an battery powered lawn mower. Mostly I loved on a dog. At the old place my friend wanted me to put this statue of a dragon she had on her lawn into the back of her car.  It was stone and about the size of a throw pillow. How heavy could it be?  Pretty heavy once I started trying to pick it off the ground.  Kneeling on the ground, I managed to get it into my arms and off the ground. Then I realized I had to stand up. I managed to get my left leg planted firmly on the ground. I pushed with all my might trying to stand up. Nothing happened. My friend had to come over and give me a help up.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Music Monday: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Racing In The Street

I meant to post this LAST Monday. Instead I posted the wrong Music Monday so...

Last(Two Fridays AGO) Friday, June 2nd, was the 39th anniversary of the release of a very important rock album you’ve probably never heard of: Darkness on the Edge of Town by Bruce Springsteen.  Many Springsteen fans and critics consider it his best album. It also contains a song many people think is his best: Racing in the streets.

Throughout his career, Springsteen has done an amazing job of capturing normal American life, but in a way that magnifies the drama of that life. Two young people in some poor working town trying to make a life is full of drama and pain and love and hope. 

On first glance, Racing in the Streets seems to be about racing cars. Looking a little deeper and people see it talking about a relationship in trouble.  In my opinion, Brice gives us one of the best songs reflecting one of his reoccurring themes. The failing man appears in many of my favorite Springsteen songs. A man is supposed to be the hero and have everything worked out. In songs such as Downbound Train or One Step Up, Bruce does a really good job of capturing the doubts a man feels alone at night trying to figure out how to fix what has gone wrong.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

TWTW May 29th through June 4th: If A Tree Falls in the Parking Lot and Nobody Hears It

Well, I heard it. I was walking through the center of my apartment complex area when I heard this cracking sound. I looked over and saw this tree just falling between 2 of the buildings. I first thought that someone was cutting it down and clearing it out. But I didn't see anybody. I walked over and there wasn't anybody near it. The healthy looking tree, on a windless day, just fell over. People starting coming out of their apartments trying to figure out what happened. I told them it just fell down.  A day later and they still haven't cleaned it out.

GEESE!!!  I heard a bunch of noise outside. I looked out and saw this:

 Yes, there was a car behind them slowly moving them forward.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

TWTW May 22nd through the 28th: What A Difference.. Just Kidding

I might make a rule that if I don't have anything interesting to write about I'll just skip these TWTW posts. The weather seems to finally be springish. That means in about a week we will be in deep summer.

Somehow, I have managed not to sit on him all these years.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

TWTW May 15th through the 21st: Just a Boring Week

I had thought this week would be interesting. In fact the title I had in my head for this one was "What a Difference a Week Makes." But nothing interesting happened. Interesting side note: I think the most common blog post title I see is  "What a difference a day makes." Just the other day I was looking around at blogs and found three different posts titled "What a difference a day makes."  The posts are mostly about the weather but occasionally they are about attitude.

Since nothing happened in my life I leave you with this touching video about an old cat

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

TWTW May 8th through the 14th: The Return of The Red Dot

Many years ago, I bought a laser pointer to play with the cat. At some point the batteries ran out and I bought new ones. A couple of years ago the batteries ran out again. Jobu was older and didn't seem so interested in chasing it so I didn't replace the batteries. This week I did get some batteries and decided to just see what would happen. I assumed Jobu would not be that interested in his advanced age. I shined the light on the ground near Jobu. He hadn't seen it in cat ages. He went berserk and started chasing that red dot with all he was worth. For a good two minutes he went all out chasing that dot. He stopped and I turned off the laser. Jobu was standing right next to me and that's when I started to hear it. rrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRR!!! He started purring louder and louder until he sounded like a motor boat going full steam.  He was so happy the red dot was back.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

TWTW May 1st through the 7th: ALARM ALARM!!!

 So like last week, we were predicted to have huge amounts of rain and possible flooding. Thursday morning I lay in bed listening to the sound of falling rain. Jobu snuggled by my side purring away like a motor boat. I would need to be getting up soon but we were enjoying a nice relaxing moment before the start of the day.  Jobu and I drifted right on the edge of asleep and awake. ALARM ALARM!!!!!!!!! AUUUGA AUUUUGA A loud piercing alarm sound shocked me awake and the whole room seemed to be shaking. Jobu jumped up in horror and sprinted out of the room. My fogged mind tried to clear.  It was the aliens.. no the russians. .no wait it was the alien invasion.. My time had finally come. I soon realized the bedlam was coming from my phone. It sat across the room letting off the horrible klaxon sound and vibrating like mad.  I stumbled out of bed and picked it up. Flash flood warning.  I don't care I am on the second floor. Why is this thing going nuts.  I checked the settings and somehow the alarm warnings had gotten turned back on.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

TWTW April 24th through the 30th: Rain Rain Go Away

What a Dreary Day

The forecast for this weekend was for it to rain biblical proportions. They predicted 4 to 5 inches. So it came as no surprise Saturday morning that when Jobu woke me up it was dark dreary and raining. Even Jobu seemed whiney and depressed. His morning feeding didn't draw much excitement. It was the normal time I wake up to get ready for work. After I fed the cat,  I decided that despite being still tired from staying up late, I would get up. I could take a nap in the afternoon. I do like a good nap. Of course, I came to this decision while lying in bed petting a purring Jobu. When I woke up again it was almost 10:30. It was still dark and rainy and I felt blah. I tend to think of myself as a person who isn't affected too much by my surrounding emotionally. Clearly, I was wrong. I got up and moped around a bit. Jobu didn't even want to get up He just looked up at me and curled back up as if to tell me I was on my own on this day. I walked from room to room trying to get my day started. I decided to really get myself going. I turned on all the lights in my place. Found out a couple of old lamps I hadn't turned on in years still worked. I put on some upbeat music and made some coffee. I got myself moving by starting to clean the place. I always feel a little better on the rare moments that my place is clean. All this activity had woken Jobu up, so I vacuumed. By the time noon rolled around I was pretty upbeat.

Sunday was another dreary and super rainy day for me. But I enjoyed myself by going to see a really wonderful production of Jesus Christ Superstar 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

TWTW April 17th through the 23rd: No Clever Title

I was shocked to find that my almost ten year old suit still fit. Well mostly fit. I think my neck got fatter. The pants fit fine though the shirt and jacket seemed a little tight around the middle. They must have shrunk. Next came the tie. The first attempt to tie it failed rather miserably. The small end of the tie hung all the way to my belt. After the second attempt, I had everything about the right length. Unfortunately, the tag that you slide the thin end of the tie into had ripped off at one end. I did the only thing I could think of in the short time I had. I grabbed a piece of scotch tape and hoped it would hold.
Even though things should have seemed normal, Jobu sensed something different about this morning. He meowed softly at me a few times as if to check if I was ok. With a "bye bye Jobu, be a good Jobu," I left and started the long morning drive.
It took me a little under 21/2 hours to complete the drive south. I knew where I was going. I had been there a few times before. The small country town doesn't have much but it does have the local funeral home. I was there to bury my uncle.

It was a traditional funeral with an open casket and then we went out to the graveside. During the whole service, I looked at him lying there and kept thinking that he was going to sit up any moment and say he got us all and it was a joke. I was a pallbearer so after the service, I waited around to put the casket in the hearse. I watched as they slowly closed the lid and locked it. That's when I realized he wasn't going to sit up.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

TWTW April 10th through the 16th: That Big Puffy Tailed Cat Isn't a Cat

My Tires are all flat

Despite my car being oldish, it has a low tire pressure sensor. It had gone off. I didn't have a tire pressure gauge so I just had to assume it knew what it was talking about. Near me used to be a really nice free air pump. It had a digital display. All you did was set what psi you wanted and it would inflate the tires to that. For some reason, they took it away. I refuse to pay for air. It's air. A new gas station opened up down the way a bit and they have a free air station with a tire pressure gauge on it. I go there and check all the tires. They don't seem a too low, but I put a little air in all of them. The light didn't go out. Just to be sure I bought a cheap tire gauge at target and tried it out. All the tires were low, most by about 5 psi. The rear driver tire was 10 psi low. The gauge on the free air station was useless. I used my knew tire gauge to properly fill up my tires.

That Ain't a Cat

I was out for a walk along the trail near my place when in the distance I saw a big puffy tailed orange cat run into the woods.  I meowed a few times to be friendly as I walked past.  On the way back I saw the big puffy tailed orange cat again. This time it was running along the houses. Look at that big puffy orange cat with it's triangle head... uh.. that ain't a cat. That's a fox 

I Have Become Death, the Destroyer of Ants

About mid week I began to notice the occasional ant wandering around my place trying to scout out food. I kept an eye out over the next couple of days looking for how they were getting in and also checking on Jobu's food to make sure they weren't getting to it. He really doesn't like that. Of course, on Saturday Jobu is no longer eating his food. I check it out and yep there are ants. Not a horde but maybe 6 or seven. So I clean everything up and wash the floor to get rid of the ant chem trail. I still can't really find were they where coming in at.

Later that night I find a line of ants going into a cabinet. It's a cabinet I keep some tupperware, and a bag of onions and potatoes in. I open it and there are a good number of ants chilling out in there. So  I clean everything out again. After checking the bag of onions and potatoes to make sure there aren't any ants in them I put them in another cupboard across the way.

The next morning when I wake up and go in the kitchen. I first check Jobu's food. No ants, yeah. I soon notice a huge line of ants going into the cupboard where I put the potatoes and onions. I open it and there are hundreds of ants all over the stuff.  I grab the can of raid and produce an noxious death cloud. Within seconds hundreds of ants have lost their pathetic little lives to my rage. Who knew ants liked potatoes and onions.

I think they are coming up from the apartment below. My neighbor moved out a couple of months ago so they don't have any food to eat so they are expanding their search radius. Also she might have been fighting them back.

Cool note; writing this I wrote aint every time I meant to write ant.

Oh and Monday was my birthday.  I had cake. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

TWTW April 3rd through the 9th: What Rhymes With Desiccated Orange?

Sometime last weekend I began to notice a smell in my car every time I got in it. The smell was strongest near the rear driver's side seat. It didn't smell like gas. If it had smelled like gas I would have noped right on out of there. (Hip internet slang reference)

It smelled chemical and kind of sweet, sort of like an industrial cleaner that had some sent added.

That Monday after work I decided to try and find out where the smell was coming from. Under the driver's seat, I found...
Pennies for scale

That had once been an orange. It had shrunk to about 1/4 it's original size. If it is from when I think it is, it rolled under there sometime in early winter. Because of the temperature it never had a chance to fully root and so it sort of half rotted half dried out. I threw it away. The smell has not immediately gone away but does seem to be fading after about a week.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

TWTW March 27th through April 2nd: All Jobu Stories All the Time

My boring life pretty much revolves around my cat. I am either petting the cat, feeding the cat, being annoyed with the cat, or the cat is being annoyed with me.

The King on His Throne

The High King gets Angry

Jobu believes he is the high king of the household and he's mostly right. He allows me to sleep a few ways. I can sleep on my back so he can lay along my side. I can lay on my right side then he sits in front of me. What he doesn't like is when I sleep on my left side facing the wall. This is only allowed if he is asleep in the other room and doesn't notice. If he catches me sleeping on my left side I will get forcefully jabbed in my back with a paw. BAM BAM BAM. You'd be surprised how much power he can get behind that little paw. Early Monday morning I was lying on my right side with the covers pulled up covering most of my face. I finally had enough and yelled "what!" at him. He looked at me to make sure I was awake and then wandered off.

Why is it cold in here

Tuesday morning I woke up a few times and felt a cool breeze blowing over me. I thought maybe I had left some windows open or something, but I just pulled the covers tighter.  When I got up it seemed really chilly. I checked the thermometer on the wall and it was only 58.  It had gotten into the 40s outside overnight but why had it gotten so cold inside. That's when I remembered that a few days earlier I had turned off the heat when it got up to 70.

Dat Pitiful Whine

Sunday morning I was lying in bed and Jobu was trying to wake me up making the most pitiful and annoying sound in his repertoire of pitiful and annoying sounds. This one is just a eeeeeeee over and over. I assumed he just wanted a treat. I ignored him for awhile but eventually, it just got to funny. I started laughing at him and his pitiful sound. He walked off in a huff. I let him wait a couple of minutes so he would not think I was rewarding his whining. When I did get up I noticed his dish was completely empty of food. "Daddy I am going to DIE!!!" was what his pitiful whine indicated. Now I am sure he had just finished the last bit of food and was good for not starving for days, but he is a cat.

Monday, April 03, 2017

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

TWTW March 20th through the 26th: That's a lot of Squirrels

From https://www.flickr.com/photos/wesley_lelieveld/

That's a Lot of Squirrels  

I woke up early Monday morning. I had trouble getting back to sleep. I was thinking through some stuff relevant to a blog post I had been writing. I lay there and became aware of a distant sort of rumbling sound. I wondered if it might be construction far away or some trucks on the highway. My fog filled brain finally recognised the sound of distant thunder.

I would have preferred to have been asleep since I had to work in the morning. I wasn't distraught because I had gone to be before ten the night before. I hadn't really noticed the storm getting closer but all the sudden it was here. Crashing lightning right outside my window with rolling thunder shaking the place. Rain began to pound against the window and I fell almost immediately asleep. The sound of the rain was the last thing I remembered. About and hour later, the sound of a squirrel running along the roof woke me up. The sound multiplied until it sounded like an entire scurry of squirrels were running along the roof. I lay there and thought, "That's a lot of squirrels." That's when I realised it was hail hitting the roof. It stopped after less than a minute and I rolled over and fell back asleep.

Hair Today Gone tomorrow

Interesting factoid about me; I get my hair cut about twice a year. I get my hair cut and then let it grow to five or six inches. When it gets to the point that I can't stand it, I get it cut again.  On Friday I decided it was time and walked down to the local cheap hair cut place. Here is the pile of hair left over from buzzing off my flowing tresses of manly hair.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

TWTW March 13th through the 19th Jobu Eats Something That isn't Food?

I need to really start putting some effort into these things.  I know early in the week there was something that happened that I wanted to write about but I cannot remember it at all.
Oh, wait now I remember what happened. It started the week before and only came to a conclusion last week. This is mostly another, that boy ain't right story.  The previous Friday I came home and starting taking things out of my pockets. I put my headphones on the kitchen counter. I noticed that one of the soft plastic/rubber ear things was missing. I remember as clear as day reaching into my pocket, finding the ear thingy, and putting it back onto the headphones.  I went about my night as usual. When I woke up the next morning I went into the kitchen and noticed that the ear thingy was gone. I started looking around trying to find it. I thought maybe I hadn't put it on right or it had rolled away. Then I started worrying that maybe Jobu had eaten it. He doesn't go up on the counters but maybe it rolled of etc.  I looked everywhere. I even went outside and checked in the parking lot. So I spent the next several days watching Jobu to see any signs of blockage or problems. Nothing happened. Everything worked out in the end. I have become almost convinced that the whole memory of putting the earpiece back on the headphones is false and that I really just dropped it somewhere else.  I did an experiment and left a treat on the counter to see if it gets eaten. It didn't.

Also, we had one final (hopefully) snow on Monday.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

There is Always One Last March Snow

There comes a time every march here in Illinois. The temperature starts to rise. A few flowers begin to poke through the earth. I few hopeful trees begin to bud. People begin to smile. Spring is starting winter is over. And then BOOM SNOW COLD HAHAHAH The weather laughs at our pitiful hopes and thing jackets. I don't mind. I love snow and it makes for pretty pictures.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

TWTW March 6th through the 12th: Jobu Pukes

Funny Cat Gif of the week: Taking the dog for a walk. 


Jobu story of the week

There is one thing every cat owner knows, cats puke. Whether it be a furball, eating too fast, or just because, cats puke. Saturday morning Jobu was in the kitchen and I hear. huuur huuurk huugh. Yeah, he is going to puke in the kitchen where it's really easy to clean up. HUUUUHGJ.. and then he sprints onto the carpet  SPLURPF!!  Thanks Jobu.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Music Monday: Peter Peter - Loving Game

There is a little story on me getting this song on my blog. I've heard it a few times on one of the French radio stations I stream. I love it. It's my favorite song since J'écoute du Miles Davis. I usually embed things from youtube, but I couldn't find it there. I finally found it on vevo's own site but there was not an embed link. What would I ever do.. Then I remembered that I am a web programmer.  duh. It takes a few seconds to load. In fact, by the time you've read this wall of text, it is probably auto playing.   I apologize for the autoplay

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

TWTW February 27th through March 5th: The Weekly Health Update

I pretty standard boring week. I worked and stayed home much of the evenings.  I have been trying to finish my cough off. Yes it is still there. Thankfully it keeps getting better every day and is almost gone this morning. I’ve gone from having a tickle all the time and getting coughing fits a lot. To have a few small coughs in the morning. 

Since this post is so lame I give you a funny video of a cat with a flower on its head.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

TWTW February 20th through the 26th: I Get Really Sick

Don't read this one mom :)

The cough was back with a vengeance. All day long I had coughing fits that didn’t seem to do anything.  Like normal on a Monday I went out to the bowling alley. The cough continued but I didn’t think much of it.  At home I started to get a headache but most importantly started getting tired. I decided to go to bed early. As I brushed my teeth and got ready to go to sleep I started thinking about all the things I could do in the morning since I could get up early.  The coughing continued. I climbed into bed and pulled three layers of covers over me. I noticed a miracle. If I lay on either side I had no urge to cough. I cocooned myself up in the 3 blankets and got nice and warm. This was going to be a great night sleep. It was so warm. It got warmer.   And warmer. Than I was hot… and on fire. I was a dragon filled with lava. I fell into a fitful fevered sleep. When I fought my way back to consciousness I tried to roll over. I barely had the strength. After a couple of more hours of non restful sleep. I needed to get up to pee, drink a glass of water and take a couple of asparin to help break the fever. I tossed the covers off and lay there for a bit. The air was freezing on my skin. I sat up on the edge of the bed for a big shivering. I stood up and was instantly dizzy and week. I stumbled into the bathroom. I decided if I fell I’d just sleep on the floor.  I drank a glass of water and popped three aspirin in hopes that they would help the fever. I fell back into bed and pulled all the covers over myself and proceeded to be fire again. Sometime between 3 and 4 in the morning the fever broke. I was covered in sweat. I kicked off most of the covers and basked in the cooling soothing air.  I got up and drunk another glass of water to replace all  I was sweating out. I was still weak and dizzy.

The next two days my fever stayed over 100 degrees most of the time. I felt weak and spent a lot of time trying to sleep. I never did get much in the way of good sleep. I kept having fever dreams about getting a list right. If I could just get the list right I would be able to sleep. On the third day I managed to get some real sleep as the fever dropped below 100.

As of writing this on Saturday night, only a cough remains. The headache and fever are gone. Though I did sleep for 11 hour Friday night to Saturday morning.