Tuesday, October 17, 2017

TWTW October 9th through the 15thThe Pond Comes Back And So Do The Ducks

I think it was Sunday of last week, but I am not sure of the actual day, it rained. It rained some more. It poured down for hours. During a lull in the rain, I went for a short walk.  The pond was filled back up after a couple of months of being dry.

The very next day I went for a walk. The pond was packed from edge to edge with ducks. The picture above is from a few days later. There were about three times the ducks you see in that picture above. The Odd thing was they were almost all boy ducks. It was like a tech convention. I don't know where they had been hanging out. I had hardly seen a duck since the pond dried up. Suddenly a billion ducks. I don't know if they have some sort of super duck communication device or what.

Monday, October 09, 2017

TWTW October 2nd through the 8th: We Get Weather

First we had rain:

Then we had fog:

Finally, we had a double rainbow:

No this wasn't all in one day but over several.  The pond is starting to fill up again. Maybe my heron friend will come back.

Music Monday: Giyo - Downward Spiral

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

TWTW September 25th through October 1st: I Got Nothing

I remember almost nothing that happened last week. I watched a French action movie called Sleepless Night. It's about a croaked cop trying to save his son from a mobster. It was OK, had good fights.
I also got new shiny plates for the CR-V.  Exciting!!!

So here are a few pictures I found on my phone.