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TWTW February 12th through the 18th I Mistakenly Believe Jobu Cares About Me

I woke up on Saturday morning and fed Jobu. I realized I didn't have anything else really planned for the day. I needed to clean and I wanted to watch some stuff on my DVR.  So I went back to bed. I hadn't been sleeping well and wanted to take the opportunity to catch up on some sleep. I dreamed a lot of dreams and then woke up to a whining Jobu. He was sitting on the bed poking me a little. He seemed very concerned that his Daddy was dead and was never coming back. He seemed to be saying "Are you ok Daddy?" So I petted him and he purred. It was almost 11 am so I decided I should probably get up and start my day. Almost as soon as I got out of bed Jobu curled up in the middle of it and went to sleep. He didn't care about me he just wanted the bed.

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