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TWTW December 4th through the 10th: I Poke Jobu In The Head

Early Saturday morning, about 4 am, I am happily asleep laying on my side. I awoke to a cats paw with the claws slightly extended being repeatedly rammed into my forehead. BANG BANG BANG!  I pushed my anger aside and pulled the covers up over my head.  The paw assault stopped and I slept the rest of the night mostly in peace.
The next afternoon I walked into the bedroom and what do I see? Jobu is curled up asleep in the middle of the bed with his fuzzy little head exposed. I started poking him with my finger right in the center of his forehead. He woke up, sniffed my finger, and gave me a look like "What are you doing?" I let him go back to sleep satisfied I had gotten my revenge :)

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